16 September 2017

This Summer...

It's been a long time since my last newsletter and I hope you had a lovely Summer, saw some sunshine and maybe got away for a holiday.  I spent most of my time at the farm where I have the studio and stayed in my campervan so very much a busman's holiday with plenty of painting and occasionally helping out on the farm, I loved it!  
Today I delivered a couple of paintings to Bristol to the RWA open art competition final judging and soon I'll do the same for the ROI in London, fingers crossed.
So here is a little selection of what I've been doing with the paints, if you're interested to know more or would like to buy please just drop me an email.

CLASSES the oil and watercolour weekly classes are becoming quite popular so if you're in my area of North Oxfordshire and have always wanted to give it a try here's your chance!  email

All the work is for sale so to enquire please send me an email
If any images fail to appear please click here to go to website
Evening light over Belle Isle Farm, oil 6x8ins
The farm buildings, oil, 6x12ins
Muddy waters, watercolour, 10x12ins
Cox's yard, Stratford on Avon, watercolour, 12x10ins
Ed's barge, Stratford on Avon, watercolour 8x10ins
The old silo, watercolour 10x8ins

A quiet carner, oil, 10x8ins 

26 August 2017

Towards Long Compton

A recent large commission which shows the amazing view over towards a nearby village

'Towards Long Compton', oil on board. 24 x 12 inches

3 July 2017

Snowshill Lavender

It was almost like being back in Provence at the weekend, I went over to the Cotswolds proper and to Snowshill in particular to see how the lavender fields were looking.  Cameras everywhere! I was almost as interested in the people wandering about taking selfies and generally larking around in the flowers as anything else.

'Snowshill Lavender'
oil 6 x 12 inches, £250
if this image fails to display click here
if you would like to buy this painting please send an email

email   website

30 June 2017

Peonies in a tin pot. £320

Squeezing the last of the Peonies onto canvas...

Peonies in a tin pot. Oil 10 x 12 inches £320

27 June 2017

Peonies in Blue jar, £200

It's been so long since I posted here. But I've been very busy...honest and for the past few days I've been obcessed with Peonies, it's not enough that I have them growing in the garden I've been out to buy bunches of them too, unfortunately they don't live long so there's no messing about and I'm straight at them with the paints.

Peonies in a blue jar, 6 x 8 inches


29 January 2017

Sean Penn

This is a recent demo from my oil class here in Sibford, we all brought a photo and had fun with the paint for a couple of hours...

17 January 2017

Belle isle farm..

I'm finding it hard to get out with the paints these days but did manage to get these two little ones finished over the weekend. The collection of barns is where my studio is...the one in the middle with the blue roof...which occasionally leaks!

'Belle Isle Farm' oil 10 x 8 inches
'The Muddy Stream' oil 10 x 8 inches

24 November 2016

The Blue Boat

Really had a lot of fun painting this!  and works well with this fairly 'loose' treatment I recon.  It's from a photo from the road trip around Cornwall last year and I can't wait to go back again next year take less photos and do more painting.

The Blue boat, 10 x 8 inches, Please email for Pay Pal purchase information



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