17 March 2011


A dull day today here in the Limousin, but I've been out in the garden recently trimming 
back the hedges and removing part of an overgrown laurel shrub, so now I have an extra 8 sq meters of garden to tend! Also digging the veg plot, a bit late I know, but planted some Brocolli, cabbage and Strawberry plants I'd bought off the local market, the locals tell me it's too early to plant beans etc yet, at least thats what I think they said...I had thought of building some kind of swimming pool, not for me for Jemima as she really enjoys a dip and splash whenever we're near any water, so maybe after the veg plot is finished, all this and I have paintings to do, an exhibition to work towards so I'd better get back to work, hang on though, coffee's just ready.

Daffs, Oil, £99. SOLD click here to visit website

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