30 January 2013

Quiet Lane in Broadway

A much looser approach to this painting which I prefer. The warm stone of the buildings was a great foil to the kelly greens in the distance.

Quiet Lane in Broadway. OIL on canvas panel 6" x 8" £99  (convert) 
To purchase please send me an email


  1. This hass such a lovely warm golden glow typical of the Cotswolds. Love it.

  2. Wonderful palette and so painterly!

  3. This is very beautiful. Love the way you handle greens, as always. Wish I could do that.

  4. Your paintings of the Cotswolds are all so lovely and are bringing back memories of my time there last August/Sept. I am trying to capture some of the cottages in paint as well, but yours are truly wonderful!

  5. Wonderful palette indeed, wonder what colours you are using.


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