10 March 2013

Shadows on the Fells

Seven days in amongst the Yorkshire Dales in the UK last week, staying one and a half miles down a narrow track in Moor Rigg cottage. I can thoroughly recommend it if you want to get away from it all! Back to France now and was welcomed with some Spring like weather...at last, but wait I've just been told we're back to Winter on Tuesday!

Shadows over the Fells. OIL on canvas panel 6" x 8" £99  (convert) 
To purchase please send me an email


  1. This one made me sit up and take notice. You captured perfectly the moors with the shadows from the clouds. I used to hike a lot on the Moors when I was growing up and I think the reason I took to the desert here in New Mexico was because it reminds me sometimes of them.
    You can see forever and no tall trees to block the view.


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