17 June 2013

Flowers and the Blue Jug (£380)

There is the danger of Fletcher exhibition overload, as I'm getting close the the Cotswold expo on Wednesday. Distributed leaflets and posters to local hotels etc around Stow on the Wold, there is such a lot to do when you hold your own exhibition to ensure people know that you're there

Flowers and the Blue Jug. Watercolour, 14x20 inches plus frame; £380  (convert) 
To purchase please send me an email

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  1. Nigel, how exciting your new show! This painting is just beautiful and full of freshness and wonderful color. I really love your watercolors...just looked at that large body of work to be in the Stow on the Wold show. Truly amazed at all the work you accomplish. Good luck.


Thank you for your comment.


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