20 February 2011

Beside the Hedgerow

Beside the Hedgerow, £99 Purchase details click here

Couldn't resist another Summer painting as it's gray and wet here again today, and although it is there's no reason why the moody and limited colour images can't be studied, so watch this space...

Walks with Jemima have been a little shorter this weekend but I took her to the local lakes this afternoon when the clouds lifted, she's hopeless about travelling in the car and I almost had to lift her in, she hasn't figured out that each time she is taken in the car it's because at the end of the journey something good happens for her (well most of the time) And so it was; she leapt out and ran straight for the water, skidding to a halt at the last moment 'this might be too deep for me'.  She couldn't help herself though and once she found a place where she wouldnt be out of her depth she was in! great entertainment too, it allowed me to enjoy the stillness of the lake and the late afternoon light.  When I'd had enough, she did her best to dry herself in the dried grass....but this time I did have to lift her into the car, this place is clearly too good to leave after just one hour!

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