25 February 2011

A Walk through the Village

Todays painting is a familiar view Jemima and I see most days, a small lane wanders through Verinas which is more or less a collection of old barns with a few more modern houses on the outside of the village, when you wander through it's not hard to imagine life as it must have been over a hundred years ago.

A Walk through the Village, £99 Watercolour. SOLD

Jemima had a lovely walk with some new friends this evening around the lake at Rochechouart, my nearby town, it's great to see how dogs interact with each other; one a bit grumpy so she stears clear for a while and takes her time before getting too close, one a typical friendly playful Labrador and one (the breed I cant remember apparently used to herd cattle in France) which had a problem with its legs, but was so happy and friendly she didnt seem bothered by it.

BIG NEWS - I've told Jemima Coco's in town, well she's in Nice actually. A friend from Washington is working there for a while and has brought her dog Coco with her, so there seems to me there is a good excuse for her to visit the South of France! Mary is writing a blog about her experiences in and around Nice called 'Mary & Coco in Nice'  it's worth a look!

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