5 May 2011

Exhibition in Sibford

We returned to Sibford last Friday to get organised for the forthcoming exhibition in the Mission room in Sibford Gower.  We left at 5am Friday and drove for about 5 hours to Caen, stopping along the way a couple of times to stretch our legs. Jemima doesn't like car travel all that much and curls up in the corner of the seat almost hiding until it's all over. Kind of makes me feel a little cruel putting her through it all, I just hope its all worth it to her when she meets up with all her old friends and walks again along old familiar paths.

So lots to do and we'll be in the UK until the 3rd June. The Exhibition starts on the 14th May and runs for two weeks, open every day from 12 until 6pm. If you'd like to come to the Preview evening on the Friday 13th from 6pm, it would be great to see you...

Beside the Stream, Watercolour
until then...

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