12 June 2011

Back to France

So now we're back in France, I'm sorry for the long absence, over a month away...far too long!  But the exhibition in Sibford was a great success, slow to get going but in the end I was very pleased with the result. I even managed to finish 4 commissions while sitting there. So Jemima and I can continue to live the decadent life we have become accustomed to here in Petit Meynieux!

We noticed nothing much had changed, although the veg patch was full and had produced some lovely veggies thanks to Steffan over the road who I'd asked to splash some water about during hot weather, he must have done a good job, I have too many so will offer some to the neighbours, and along our morning walks there are several cherry trees just randomly growing on the side of the lane so I gather as many as I can carry to put with my cereal, not many make it home.

Yesterday Jemina had a special treat, we met up with Joy Ward who runs a dog training school nearby and is dog sitting 4 dogs plus her own. We arranged to meet up by the lake at Rochechouart and wander through the woodland behind it.  When Joy opened up the back of her van 5 dogs of all shapes and sizes came leaping out towards us, Jemima didn't know what to do, to wag her tail or scarper. She stood her ground and allowed herself to be checked out by each one before they all wandered off happily towards the woods. It was really good to see her with so many other dogs and to see how they all behaved with each other, I felt a little sorry for her when they all had to climb back van again, maybe I should get a friend for her??

Finally I managed to get some work done and this from an image back in Sibford, there seemed to be so many of the large oriental poppies around this year, fortunately they hung around for a while and weren't blown away this time.

'Summer Cottage' Oil on Board. 7"x5" £99. to purchase click here

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