24 October 2012

Willow Reflections

Water and the reflections upon it is possibly my favourite subject to paint. I love the mystery and translucency of it, it's fluidity and movement.

Willow Reflections. OIL on canvas panel 6" x 8" £99  (convert) 
To purchase please send me an email


  1. Loving this! Great abstract feel to it and I love your variety of greens.

  2. Well done! There is mystery and depth to the water which has a lot to do with the reflections and shadows. Makes me want to visit this painting a good long while and come back to it!

  3. Ciao,
    Molto bello! Mi piace molto il contrasto di colori e il dipinto rende benissimo la bellezza delle ninfee!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana


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