3 February 2012

Afternoon Sunshine

Another loose watercolour, painted in the studio of course, I recon the watercolour might freeze before it reaches the paper if I was outside at the moment. I'm having mixed reactions to this loose style, for me it's liberating, but its really difficult to work this way especially when part of me wants to make an accurate representation.  Painting has to be about progress and change for me, I'd find it difficult to work within the same perameters all the time, I always want to change and find new ways of doing things and hope that leads to improvement and progress

Number 500...

Afternoon Sunlight. Watercolour, 
9" x12" click image to see larger
£99 (convert To purchase please send me an email 

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  1. I understand completely about having to try different ways.
    I love this loose way with watercolor and I also love your oils. The one constant is the way you see the light dancing through your subjects.


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