10 February 2012

Snowed in

Still plenty of snow here in Central France, and it's ten below most of the time, so no prospect of it clearing anytime soon.
I Saw this little building while on a walk with the dog yesterday, it's in a nearby village and obviously inhabited. I tried to imagine how warm or cold it was behind the door. These little cottages look very pretty in the summer but at this time of year life can be quite harsh for some.

The snow was caste with a beautiful cerulean blue which complemented well against the warm amber of the stonework.

Snowed in. OIL 5.5 x 7.5 inches, 
click image to see larger
£99 (convert To purchase please send me an email 


  1. Hi Nigel, once again this is a beautiful atmospheric painting, love the old windows. Sharon


Thank you for your comment.


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