11 March 2012

The Old Grange

This old building sits next to my little house here in France, to one side is my garage and studio above and to the other is this building, I want to buy it and convert the whole floor downstairs into an open plan studio/living space and keep the rustic nature of the exterior, with the addition of the yellow post box of course!

The Old Grange.  Oil, 5.5 x 7.5 inches, 
click image to see larger
£99 (convert)  To purchase please send me an email


  1. I knew well this kind of wooden door with two big leaves allowing the passage of carts loaded with harvests, with a small door for the entrance of the human beings. It is a view which conveys many feelings for me, and not necessarily pleasant memories. It is a very good painting, you take advantage of rather common places to make it works of art

  2. Love this piece! I hope you do get to buy and covert it!

  3. I like teh Old grange
    very well done !


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