22 March 2011

Yak Bell

Not very French this painting, but I love the bell, I have two, I brought them back from Nepal after trecking to the base camp of Annapurna in the Himalayas several years ago, I loved the country but more so the people who were so welcoming and friendly. The bell is a metaphore for a hard unforgiving landscape yet looks beautiful and produces a warm melodious sound.
Yak Bell, Oil, £99. Purchase details: click here

18 March 2011

Little Nest

While I was gardening the other day I discovered this beautiful little nest, not sure if it's a Wren's or not, there was some evidence of broken nut shells in it, perhaps a Blue Tit?  It seems a shame that it should go unnoticed, a little bird spent a long time building it. Wrapped around it was a small amount of blue nylon twine, which is the bale string of choice around here whereas in England little nests may have small bits of orange twine in them.

Little Nest, Oil, £99. SOLD, for website: click here

17 March 2011


A dull day today here in the Limousin, but I've been out in the garden recently trimming 
back the hedges and removing part of an overgrown laurel shrub, so now I have an extra 8 sq meters of garden to tend! Also digging the veg plot, a bit late I know, but planted some Brocolli, cabbage and Strawberry plants I'd bought off the local market, the locals tell me it's too early to plant beans etc yet, at least thats what I think they said...I had thought of building some kind of swimming pool, not for me for Jemima as she really enjoys a dip and splash whenever we're near any water, so maybe after the veg plot is finished, all this and I have paintings to do, an exhibition to work towards so I'd better get back to work, hang on though, coffee's just ready.

Daffs, Oil, £99. SOLD click here to visit website

9 March 2011

Barn Door and Vine

Not quite a seasonal painting today, but not far off, the shrubs are beginning to bud so Spring can't be far away...can it?  I'll be in the garden later digging some more of the veg plot and preparing the ground for seed, hope the good weather continues.
Barn Door and Vine, £99. Oil. Purchase details click here

8 March 2011

The Old Well

On the other side of my local town Rochechouart, lies this lovely old rambling house, not sure if its lived in or not, I go past fairly often on my way to St Junien and the bigger shops and sometimes there is a shutter open on the middle floor and the floor above but never on the ground floor. The garden is unkempt and overgrown, perhaps someone does live there but only in one or two rooms, The well will have been in daily use and the garden cultivated, I want to go inside and peer out of the windows like so many have before. Today the shutters were open on the ground floor! I love the mystery of it...
The Old Well, £99. Oil. Purchase details click here

2 March 2011

Seeing off the Buzzard

During a walk along the banks of the lakes at Viedex with the dog the other day there was this aerial spectacle taking place, so I painted from memory when I got back home. It's back to using oil paint after a few meanderings with the watercolours. I'd missed using the oil paint and really enjoyed the buttery texture and feel of it.
Seeing off the Buzzard, Oil, £99. Purchase details; click here


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