29 September 2014

Postie in Winderton. £99

I have kind of missed the sight of the little red postman's van tootling around the villages in the UK. Somehow the yellow one's in France don't really have the same appeal!

Postie in Winderton. Oil. 6 x 8 inches

26 September 2014


Tonight is the opening of my new exhibition here in France I'm showing several watercolour portraits this time, something I've always enjoyed doing. Today's painting is of Diana Dabinett who owns the gallery and who will be showing a large collection of her new work.

Diana, watercolour.

25 September 2014

Sunlight over the ford

This is where I would take my children on hot sunny days far too many years ago!

Sunlight over the ford. OIL. £99

19 September 2014

Sunrise at Honfleur. Oil. £99

Honfleur again, this time a small oil. I'm obviously dreaming of the coast these days. Beautiful sunshine here now so I'm packing my bag!

Sunrise at Honfleur. Oil, 8 x 6 inches. £99

18 September 2014

Beside the seaside. £99

With any luck I'll be going to the Ile de Re on the west coast of France for the weekend, trouble is I was woken by heavy thunderstorms this morning coming from that direction!

Beside the seaside. Oil. 8 x 6 

17 September 2014

Dame dans le bois. Watercolour

Continuing with the portrait theme this lady lives in an isolated house down a quiet lane on the edge of the woods near my village, she often appears quite unfriendly until you speak to her then her face lights up! She was very shy about sitting for her portrait but allowed me to persuade her to sit for a photo instead. Today I'll show her the result, and later next week when my exhibition opens I'll take her along to see it framed and hanging on the wall.

Dame dans le bois. Watercolour

14 September 2014


I havn't painted this young lady often enough over the years! Anyone spot a family resemblance?

Jess. Watercolour. NFS

12 September 2014

Camille, NFS

Last week I was running a watercolour workshop here in France and by way of a change I organised for us to paint my neighbour Camille. He turned out to be a natural! he sat perfectly still throughout and provided us with an excellent few hours in his sunny garden. After which he invited us for aperitifs with his home made cider...turned out to be a very entertaining morning!

Camille, watercolour. NFS

8 September 2014

The Bridge of Sighs. (£99)

After a sunny afternoon wandering around the busy university town... The bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99

1 September 2014

Harvest time near Brailes. £99

Looking across from Winderton towards St George's church in Brailes

Harvest time near Brailes. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99


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