30 September 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

This is about 20 yards from my front door and the lane I take each morning when Jemima and I go for or early morning walk. The Donkey is one of a pair and always comes trotting over to say hello. 

Neighbourhood Watch. Oil. £99 (convert)
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29 September 2011

Tete a Tete

Along the main street of Saint Junien this couple were obviously deep in conversation about something and enjoying a cool glass of Rose

Tete a tete. Oil. £99 (convert)
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28 September 2011

Wild Flowers and Barn

On the way back from my French lesson there is this beautiful field full of wild flowers, mostly wild Cosmos I think, would make a lovely garden. The path through it lead to the tumble down barn

Wild Flowers and Barn, Oil. £99 (convert)
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27 September 2011

The Barn Door Next Door

The Barn Door Next Door. Watercolour. 8" x 12' £99 (convert)
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One of the many weathered barn doors around this area, this is is right next door to my house, the door latch etc you could expect to find in an antique shop back home.  The cats belonging to Steffan my neighbour often scurry beneath the door looking for the male tabby that I see wandering around here!  We are experiencing a period of calm warm sunny weather at the moment the trees are slowly turning golden it wont be long before Autumn is here.

26 September 2011


It looks like we might, and I say it quietly, have a period of warm sunny weather coming up, certainly the weekend was good, Jemima and I went to the lake again in the evening, I took my sketchbook and made some brief notes and sketches about the reflections in the water, it was so still almost mirror like. One day soon I'll take the easel and work on a larger painting down there.

Yesterday's breakfast while sitting outside  

Breakfast. Oil. SOLD
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20 September 2011

19 September 2011

Late Summer, Temple Mill

An image from my home country, and near to where I lived; Temple Mill farm is split in two by the track disappearing between those two buildings in the distance. I was attracted by this large majestic tree standing proud at the entrance way to the farm. The shady part of the tree is staying in Summer while the sunny side is entering autumn.

Late Summer, Temple Mill. Oil. SOLD
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15 September 2011

14 September 2011

The Old Truck

The Old Truck. Oil. £99 (convert)
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This painting was made from a photograph supplied by a friend, who had been to the south of France, I think he knew of my passion for anything old and rusting such as this. It's true I do like the old chraracterful motors, buildings, sheds etc that you can find abandoned where sometimes you least expect it. A nostalgia for the past? or something more obvious like textures, colours, and interesting shapes and form, who knows, but I'll continue to paint what I like and hope that others might share my enthusiasm.

13 September 2011

Cafe des Sports

One of my favourite places for coffee in one of the quiet streets in Rochechouart. The proprietor is quite a gruff individual but when I was painting he came over with some of his mates and left with a big grin on his face, maybe he thought he was getting it as a gift? I'll let him know that it's on the website today and let him have a photo of it.

Cafe des Sports. Oil. £99 (convert)
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12 September 2011

Down by the Lake

On Saturday Hyperdog and I decided to go to the lake at Rochechouart (Roshwar) for some R&R, it was a beautiful evening so I took my paints and Jemima took her usual Joie de Vivre.
Of course as soon as she gets a wiff of water she's on a mission and down to the water we rush. Unfortunately the immediate area beside the lake on our side has been seeded and rolled as there was some work done there in the Summer. But I managed to set up behind it with a faily good vantage point and I really enjoyed myself for an hour or so, Jemima managed to get to the water and practice her swimming technique, she's not at all interested in passer's by when she's near water even if it's a good looking labrador, so I reconed she was out of harms way. After a while I can't see her, she's not in the water and nowhere near where she was, then I see her tail, pointing up and gently swaying, as I approach I can see she's in a mad digging frenzy and has dug an enormous crater right in the middle of the carefully seeded soil.  Unmissable from any distance, the newly planted soil looks like a bomb had been dropped on it. Completely covered in mud she had obviously come straight out of the water sniffed a mole and got to work. I didn't want to spoil her fun but I figured it might be time to go, so a quick swim for her and back to base.....A fun evening for us both!

Down by the Lake. Oil. £99 (convert)
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9 September 2011

6 September 2011

Evening Light over Rochechouart

Evening Light over Rochechouart. Oil. £99, (convert) 
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Last evening Jemima and I went to the nearby lake for our evening stroll. But, I dont think we've ever strolled! As soon as she realises that we are any where near water she changes gear and becomes Hyperdog! So after a short while I leave her to it and set about entertaining myself with this little painting. The tower on right of the Chateau really is larger than the one on the left in case you were doubting my observational abilities! The painting is a lot crisper and the highlights brighter than it shows here. My photography of these minis often lets them down.

5 September 2011

Dusk at the Pond

On the way towards some friends in Saulgond I stopped by this very still and mysterious pond. Although everything looked calm and motionless I was aware that the place was teaming with life....

Dusk at the Pond. Oil. £99. (convert)
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2 September 2011

Old Wooden Doors

Bit of drama last night and this morning!  I heard, and so did the dog, something/somebody running past the house a few times last night, really wierd, wasn't sure what it was. I was woken by it at 5am today and immediately ran to the window to see what was going on, I caught site of a tail disappearing around the corner, A donkey!  On further investigation it appears it belongs to someone in the next village and wasn't one of the gorgeous ones that live over my garden hedge. Roger next door says they will come and fetch it eventually meanwhile watch out when you're driving!  No real concern then, but I bet the poor thing is scared to death, lets hope it's owner comes to rescue it soon, in the meantime its making itself some breakfast in my garden!

Todays painting: some Old Wooden Doors in a barn in Vayres, 2kms up the road.

Old Wooden Doors, Oil. £99 (convert) 
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1 September 2011

The Chestnut Wood

In this lovely part of France we are on the edge of the Limousin National Park, so I don't have to go far before I find myself walking through some woodland. This painting is looking through the chestnut wood close to my house. The chestnut tree is the symbol of the Limousin.

The Chestnut Wood, Oil. £99. (convert) 
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