26 November 2014

Robin Hood's Bay £99, without frame

An alternative view of Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire, it began as yesterday's workshop demo and I finished it last night. I plonked it in the heavy frame which I like as it emphasises the strong bold colours in the painting.

Oil 6 x 8 inches, For sale for £99 (without frame)

20 November 2014

November Light in Taddy. £99

Tuesday's workshop demo after a bit of fiddling with detail back in the studio, something I always tell everyone NOT to do!

November Light in Taddy
Oil 6 x 8 inches, For sale for £99

15 November 2014

Last Roses

I spent a few days in my house in France and was surprised to see the front of the building was still covered in red Roses! must be the third flowering this year!

Last Roses. £99
Oil 8 x 6 inches

10 November 2014

Bonds End Lane

Late sunny afternoon along 'Bonds End Lane' now there's a name! I've tried to find out the derivasion of this name without any luck

Bonds End Lane
Oil 10 x 8 inches

7 November 2014

Under the Oak in Great Tew. £99

It's good to explore the old familiar villages once again...

Under the Oak in Great Tew

4 November 2014

After the Rain. £99

Another painting reviewed from a few years ago of a pond in France; after a heavy rainstorm the sun came out and bounced beautiful coloured light all over the water.

After the Rain, OIL. 6 x 8 inches


3 November 2014

Blue Skies, Honfleur.

I'll be going back to France next week and I'm reminded of my recent trip along the Normandy coast with a stop over at Honfleur.

This painting is much 'looser' than I usually paint and for that reason I like it so much more, there is an energy and spontaneity about it which my work sometimes lacks!


Blue Skies, Honfleur.


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