30 April 2013

Spring Flowers in the Window

My postings are a bit haphazard I know at the moment, I'm getting organised for my trip back to the UK for my forthcoming Exhibition, but managed this little watercolour amongst the chaos. The sun was streaming through the window lighting up these pretty little flowers so dropped everything!
Spring Flowers in the Window. Watercolour 10 x 14" SOLD

20 April 2013

Flowers in Whichford Jug

Another watercolour from the workshop last week, worked up a little more in the studio at home. Again the emphasis was to ignore detail and concentrate on simple shape, tone and colour. After five days I think everyone got it!

Flowers in Whichford Jug. Watercolour 10 x 14" £99  (convert) 
To purchase please send me an email


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