27 August 2015

Down by the Pond. £99 ($154)

I started this little painting at the pond in Sibford during a recent workshop, but added lillies and sky holes in the trees because I have a licence so to do!

Down by the Pond, oil, 6 x 8 inches £99 without frameIf you would like this please send me an email

26 August 2015

Dappled Light over Temple Mill. £99 ($154) without frame

I can't remember how many times I've painted this place, every time I drive past I have to get the sketchbook or camera out. This version was painted last Summer.

'Dappled Light over Temple Mill'. £99 ($154) oil, 6 x 8 inches, sold without frame.

If you would like this please send me an email

24 August 2015

Apple and Tin Pot £99 ($154) without frame

Another little still life exercise, I quite enjoy painting these and exploring junk shops for subject matter.

Apple and Tin pot, oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99
If you would like this please send me an email

20 August 2015

Spring in a cup £99 / $154 unframed

Two versions of the same still life set up, both done for the workshops on separate weeks. The second I worked on a little further back at the studio - I thing I prefer the latest at the top for its looseness and brushwork.

Spring in a Cup 1 and 2 £99 each unframed, if you'd like one (or both) please email me

18 August 2015

Still Life with Ancient Jug. £99 ($154) without frame

I bought this old jug from a flea market in France a few years ago, I love the colour the texture and it's very old solid appearance. Made on the potters wheel in some small French workshop with a simple intention - to hold a small quantity of wine to accompany a meal.

Still Life with Ancient Jug

Oil on board

6 x 8 inches £99

without frame

If you would like to buy this please send me an email:

16 August 2015

Sparkling Light in Mousehole. £99 6 x 8 ins, ($154)

Another painting from the trip to Cornwall, the easily recognisable view of the harbour in beautiful Mousehole

Sparkling Light in Mousehole

Oil on board

6 x 8 inches £99

without frame

13 August 2015

'Summer Meadow' £99 without frame

I worked in the studio at the farm today and painted this from a photo taken in a field nearby on a sunnier day!

Summer Meadow

Oil on board

6 x 8 inches, £99

without frame

12 August 2015

Spring in a Cup. £99

This is the demo from the workshop this week, painted from a photo obviously!
'Spring in a cup' 6 x 8 inches 

10 August 2015

Evening Light on Cornish Cove (£99)

I've been rubbish at sharing my Cornish adventures and paintings with you but now I'm back internet is easier to find & I'll do better. This is a small cove we stumbled across whilst walking the coastal path late one evening, people were still enjoying the water which by the way was FREEZING!

Evening Light on Cornish Cove. oil on boards 6 x 8 inches. £99


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