10 December 2015

The River Sib x2!

Two paintings today of the River Sib and the valley through which it runs. The second was made at the bottom of the hill after I had jumped over the railings on the right!

I am unable to show my websites at this time and am working on a solution.

The Valley of the Sib


The River Sib

Both oil, both 6 x 8 inches

£99 each

2 December 2015

Blue Skies, Honfleur

I was fortunate enough to be invited to exhibit with the Royal Society of Oil Painters in their annual exhibition at the Mall galleries in London this year, it's the first time I've tried so I'm quite chuffed. The expo starts today the 2nd and runs until the 13th. There's an excellent display of over 300 works by some of the leading painters working today. If you can why not go along!  details here
and here's my offering...which is now SOLD!

Blue Skies, Honfleur.

24 November 2015

Winter over Colony Road. £200

Really enjoyed the recent exhibition and chatting to visitors, I managed to paint even so and this is a view I've painted before and made a greetings card from.
19 x 15 inches inc. frame

Winter over Colony Road, £200

19 November 2015

La Vielle maison.

There's been a great response to the exhibition over the past few days the mini oils being the most popular...amazing deals to be had so why not call in and haggle! 
14th to 22nd open 9 - 5 

But before you do please vote for my painting below which has been shortlisted for the Artist of the Year awards!

La Vielle Maison, watercolour 46 x 36 cms.

16 November 2015

The Veg Garden

It's been a busy time the past few days at the exhibition in Swalcliffe quite a few sales and hopefully more to come, I've reduced all the prices as this is a 'studio sale' so come along and grab a Christmas bargain! 

14th to 22nd open 9 - 5 

The veg garden, 6 x 8 inches, oil. £99
if you would like this please email me

12 November 2015

Summer sun in Honfleur. £400

A painting of boats again this time Honfleur on the Normandy coast of France, it's a particularly charming town and the old harbour is surrounded by cafe's and bars...and usually a lot of visitors!

I'm hanging the paintings today and tomorrow for the forthcoming exhibition at Swalcliffe Village Hall starting this Saturday 14th and running until the 22nd open 9 - 5 maybe see you there?

There will be lots of paintings available to buy from small oils of local villages to larger watercolours like this one of Honfleur

Summer sun in Honfleur. watercolour 14 x 18 inches. £400

11 November 2015

CK170 in for repairs £280

Two of my favourite subjects to paint - sheds and old boats! Absolutely love Southwold harbour and could spend hours just wandering around. I want to convert one of the sheds into a studio, there's a cafe further along; mugs of tea and bacon sarnies! what else does one need! 

I'm not really sponsored by the Suffolk tourist board, but maybe I should be! 

I'm busy getting ready for the forthcoming exhibition at Swalcliffe Village Hall starting this Saturday 14th and running until the 22nd open 9 - 5 maybe see you there?

A painting you'll find makes a unique gift and lasts forever!

CK170 in for repairs, watercolour 16 x 10inches £280

9 November 2015

Low Tide, Porthleven. £180.

My Christmas Studio sale begins this coming Saturday at Swalcliffe Village Hall with a large selection of work some new some not so new. I hope to be painting every day during the expo so come along even if just for a natter and cuppa.

A painting you'll find makes an ideal gift and lasts forever!

This painting is another from my Summer trip to Cornwall

Low tide, Porthleven, Oil 8 x 10 inches. £180

28 October 2015

Autumn Reflections. £99 / $150

This is my workshop demo effort from yesterday, it's a small lake near where I lived in France.

Autumn Reflections, Oil, 8 x 6 inches £99

20 October 2015

Goblet and Glass Marbles. Oil, 8 x 6 inches £99

An interesting workshop today I suggested we painted the goblet below with just 50 brushstrokes! I wanted to ignore detail and look for the big shapes and see the tonal values. Everyone did a very good job. I managed this with 55! and was very pleased with it.

Goblet and Glass Marbles. Oil, 8 x 6 inches £99

15 October 2015

Yellow blossom on table. £99 ($150)

This is an older painting I still have painted in 2010! I think it's Winter Jasmine, when I moved from France I left behind a very large plant which always burst into life in early Spring.
Yellow Blossom on Table. Oil 6 x 8 inches £99 without frame
please send me an email if you would like this, I can supply a similar frame if needed.

13 October 2015

Dappled Light over Temple Mill

Evening light over Temple Mill, Why 'Temple' ask the Knights Templars!

Dappled light over Temple Mill. Oil on canvas board. £99/$150

24 September 2015

Blue Bowl and Cosmos £110

This was tuesday's still life demo; blue ceramic bowl & cosmos flower 
sitting on a Peruvian blanket.

Blue Bowl and Cosmos, oil. 6 x 8 inches, £110 without frame, if you would like this please send me an email

23 September 2015

Newlyn Boats £99

Another little oil study from Cornwall, this one's inside the harbour at Newlyn.

Newlyn Boats, Oil. 6 x 8 inches £99 ($155) without frame. 
If you would like this please send me an email

15 September 2015

Track through Belle Isle.

This is a larger painting looking back from my studio at the farm, it's ideal for me - I'm surrounded by sheds!

Track through Belle isle
Oil on canvas
18 x 14 inches £400, if you'd like this please send me an email

10 September 2015

8 September 2015

Pink Roses. £99 ($150)

I've been admiring these beautiful pink roses almost every day this Summer.

Pink Roses, Oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99 ($150) If you would like this please sen me an email

4 September 2015

Orange on the Easel. £99 ($150)

I just placed this small orange on the easel without thinking and realised sometimes still life can be overly complicated.

'Orange on the Easel' Oil, 6x8 inches. £99 ($150) + postage. If you'd like this please send me an email

1 September 2015

Green Jug with Cherries. £99 ($160)

My favourite stoneware jug bought from a street market in France, accompanied by some ruby red cherries.

Green Jug with Cherries, oil, 6 x 8 inches £99 ($160) without frame

27 August 2015

Down by the Pond. £99 ($154)

I started this little painting at the pond in Sibford during a recent workshop, but added lillies and sky holes in the trees because I have a licence so to do!

Down by the Pond, oil, 6 x 8 inches £99 without frameIf you would like this please send me an email

26 August 2015

Dappled Light over Temple Mill. £99 ($154) without frame

I can't remember how many times I've painted this place, every time I drive past I have to get the sketchbook or camera out. This version was painted last Summer.

'Dappled Light over Temple Mill'. £99 ($154) oil, 6 x 8 inches, sold without frame.

If you would like this please send me an email

24 August 2015

Apple and Tin Pot £99 ($154) without frame

Another little still life exercise, I quite enjoy painting these and exploring junk shops for subject matter.

Apple and Tin pot, oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99
If you would like this please send me an email

20 August 2015

Spring in a cup £99 / $154 unframed

Two versions of the same still life set up, both done for the workshops on separate weeks. The second I worked on a little further back at the studio - I thing I prefer the latest at the top for its looseness and brushwork.

Spring in a Cup 1 and 2 £99 each unframed, if you'd like one (or both) please email me

18 August 2015

Still Life with Ancient Jug. £99 ($154) without frame

I bought this old jug from a flea market in France a few years ago, I love the colour the texture and it's very old solid appearance. Made on the potters wheel in some small French workshop with a simple intention - to hold a small quantity of wine to accompany a meal.

Still Life with Ancient Jug

Oil on board

6 x 8 inches £99

without frame

If you would like to buy this please send me an email:

16 August 2015

Sparkling Light in Mousehole. £99 6 x 8 ins, ($154)

Another painting from the trip to Cornwall, the easily recognisable view of the harbour in beautiful Mousehole

Sparkling Light in Mousehole

Oil on board

6 x 8 inches £99

without frame

13 August 2015

'Summer Meadow' £99 without frame

I worked in the studio at the farm today and painted this from a photo taken in a field nearby on a sunnier day!

Summer Meadow

Oil on board

6 x 8 inches, £99

without frame

12 August 2015

Spring in a Cup. £99

This is the demo from the workshop this week, painted from a photo obviously!
'Spring in a cup' 6 x 8 inches 

10 August 2015

Evening Light on Cornish Cove (£99)

I've been rubbish at sharing my Cornish adventures and paintings with you but now I'm back internet is easier to find & I'll do better. This is a small cove we stumbled across whilst walking the coastal path late one evening, people were still enjoying the water which by the way was FREEZING!

Evening Light on Cornish Cove. oil on boards 6 x 8 inches. £99

10 July 2015

Morning Sunlight. £180

Had to paint this as the early morning sun drifted across the red bricks of Malvern House.  I'm off to Cornwall in the South West of the UK for a few weeks and hope to gather lots of new painting material, I'll keep you posted...

Morning Sunlight. 10 x 8 inches £180

7 July 2015

Evening Sparkle, Southwold. £99

Bright evening sunlight over the river Blythe at Southwold on the east coast of England, a beautiful place to paint...or just do not much at all, and eat fish and chips for supper!
'Evening Sparkle, Southwold'
6 x 8 inches

5 July 2015

Sunlight over the garden.

An enjoyable couple of hours in a beautiful garden...thanks Sue!

'Sunlight over the garden'
oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches

2 July 2015

Two Red Onions. £99

I must paint more still life!

Two Red onions, oil, £99 (without frame)

1 July 2015

Easington Allotments. £220

I really enjoyed painting this, not just because it's one of my favourite subjects, I allowed myself to be very loose and bold with brushmarks, sometimes I was holding my breath and just whacking the paint on (technical term!) Whatever. I liked it and I hope it shows.

'Easington Allotments'
Oil, 12 x 10 inches.

30 June 2015

Wild Flowers in Green Glass. £99

A small bunch of wild flowers gathered from this mornings walk.
'Wild Flowers in green glass'
oil, 6 x 8 inches

29 June 2015

Evening at the Ford. £99

The river Sib crosses the road at 'Traitor's Ford'

Evening at the ford, oil 6 x 8 inches

24 June 2015

Daisies Study. £99

We gathered a few flowers for yesterdays class, a challenging but fun mornings work.

'Daisies study'  8 x 6 inches, oil

23 June 2015

Holy Trinity, Sibford. £99

The workshop managed to paint outside last week but didn't venture further than the village hall car park, the big red poppies stopped us! and a red letter day today...this is number 1000!
Holy Trinity, Sibford. oil, 6 x 8 inches £99

21 June 2015

Summer lane, Oil, £180

Although I'm very happy to be back in the UK I do miss the French countryside, this is the dusty track that led to my little cottage.

Summer lane, oil, £180

3 June 2015

Lily Pond reflections. £99

This is a smaller version of a very popular painting at the recent exhibition in Swalcliffe.
'Lily Pond Reflections'
Oil, 6 x 8 inches

1 June 2015

Whichford Wood Bluebells. £99

The Bluebells in Whichford wood, beautiful as usual even though they are just going over now.

Whichford Wood Bluebells. Oil, 6 x 8 inches. £99

31 May 2015

Woodland Walk. £200

The painting from the last demo with a few adjustments back at home. I've finally got around to using my new Pochade box, bought from Ben Haggett in America, it was handmade to order and is a work of art in itself, seems a shame to plaster paint all over it though.

Woodland Walk, oil, 8 x 10 inches £200

19 May 2015

Afternoon stroll in Bouton on the Water. £200

A place I have painted many times in the past and used it as the demo for this mornings oil painting class...with an hour or so finishing in the afternoon.

Oil,  10 x 8 inches. £200

16 May 2015

Camille. Similar portrait commissions accepted from £250

My ex neighbour in France has been overlooking the exhibition for the past couple of weeks and has attracted quite a bit of attention, he sat for two hours in the hot sun until 12noon when everything stops for lunch!

Exhibition closes this Sunday at 6pm.

15 May 2015

Mobylettes No. 2 £800

The last weekend of my exhibition coming up now and still plenty to see including this my favourite painting amongst them all.

Swalcliffe Village Hall until the 17th May from 11am to 6pm every day.

13 May 2015

Sunday in Southwold Harbour. £395

I'm keeping myself occupied during this exhibition and for the past few days I've been working on this large watercolour of Southwold harbour, much too much detail and very fiddly but fun all the same and available to see at: Swalcliffe Village Hall until the 17th May from 11am to 6pm every day.

12 May 2015

Ten Greenish Bottles

I found these old dusty bottles in a delapdated stone building in the Bordeaux countryside, fine vintages all of them no doubt! Sold yesterday at: Swalcliffe Village Hall

Exhibition open until the 17th May from 11am to 6pm every day.

11 May 2015

In for Repairs. £480

Boats always seem to influence my choice of subject and this one found in Port-en-Bessin on the Normandy coast. You can see it 'in the flesh' at Swalcliffe Village Hall
Exhibition open until the 17th May open from 11am to 6pm every day.
'In for Repairs' watercolour 12 x 16 inches


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