24 December 2014

Winter Sunset in Sibford. £99

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I guess Christmas Eve in days gone by would often look like this? It's actually a deluge of snow which fell in February 2009.

Winter Sunset in Sibford. Oil, 6 x 8 inches £99

23 December 2014

Shadows across the Orchard. £99

Continuing with the snow theme, this is another wild and kind of bold painting of the orchard back in France. The passages I enjoy in this painting the most are those in the trees and foliage where brushmarks are free and expressive, I do realise though that a balance with the more quiet areas is essential to make it work.

Shadows across the Orchard.
£99, if you'd like this please use the link below to email me.

22 December 2014

Snow on the Malverns. £99

The gorgeous Malvern Hills reduced to an almost monochrome palette under a bright blue sky.

Snow on the Malverns. OIL. £99

21 December 2014

Snow Shadows. £99

It looks like we won't be seeing snow through our windows this Christmas - if you're disappointed with that news have a look at the following emails I'll send, I'll be painting some snow with an emphasis on bold loose brushwork, and this year I am determined to move more towards abstraction.

Snow Shadows, oil, 6x8 inches £99


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