30 January 2014

Sunflowers and Keeling Plate (£99)

Continuing with the Still Life theme... the sunflowers came from my local market and I photographed this set up in the Summer, there are days (many) when it's almost impossible to get outside to paint.

Sunflowers and Keeling Plate
OIL, £99

29 January 2014

A bend in the Road (£99)

I like getting lost in the spotty detail of shrubbery & the light bouncing around amongst trees etc so this was a good place to stop and take a photo a few weeks ago, the Frenchman in the white van following me wasn't so pleased though!

A bend in the Road
OIL, £99

28 January 2014

Red Onions

A still life for a change, I'm not practiced at them and this took a while and plenty of anxiety, at one stage I was losing it completely and in a fit of rage scraped off the paint and watched it fly across the room! I'm reasonably pleased now but realise that this landscape painter really ought to expand his repertoir!

Red Onions
OIL, £99


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