9 January 2014

Deep Water Reflections (£99)

The pond has thawed and provided a completely different opportunity for me. As you are probably aware I'm very interested in painting water and the effect light has on it, I ought to expand on this and dive (!) into the world of abstraction!

Deep Water Reflections. Oil 6 x 8 inches £99


  1. Nigel,
    I just recently came across your art through Daily Paintworks. Love the ephemeral feeling in all your little pieces. As a fellow artist I strive for that. Will also be buying a piece from you in the near future. Best Regards,

  2. Yes Nigel, I would love to see what you would do! Do you know the work of David Alexander (Canadian)? He has some wonderful abstract water paintings. http://davidtalexander.com/portfolio/wet-series/


Thank you for your comment.


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