31 August 2011

In for Repairs

This old yatch was clearly laid up either for repair or just left to rot, but for me I found it to be a great subject, and strong composition. I guess it makes a change from the old rusting cars I seem to have a fondness for.

In for Repairs, Oil. £99. (convert) 
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30 August 2011

The Blue Window

This painting is from one of the fishermans huts in the harbour town of Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, on the island of Oleron off the west coast of France just below La Rochelle. I'm reminded as I have said before of Walberswick and Soutwold Harbour in Suffolk, England, there too are the same huts and sheds some of which are utilised as fresh fish shops and cafes. I'd love to use one as a studio for a time and produce a series of paintings of the sea and the activities associated with it in that specific area, it would make an interesting exhibition!

The Blue Window, Oil. £99, (convert)
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29 August 2011

Midday, Isle sur la Sourge

I'm all excited! I'm just back from David's, my neighbour in Bonnefond, we've been tinkering with my new Mobylette, a 1960's French Moped. I bought it a couple of weeks ago to pootle around the lanes here abouts and to get my bread in the mornings, but it wouldn't start.  We investigated and found that there was a whole load of sludge in the fuel line, so cleaned it out and it works beautifully! thanks Dave.

1960 Mobycane Mobylette

This painting is from the material I found in Provence recently and is just around the corner from the Cafe de France from a few weeks ago.
Midday, Isle Sur la Sourge, OIL. £99. (convert) 
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25 August 2011


One of the iconic summertime images of France

Sunflowers, Oil £99. (convert) purchase details click here
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24 August 2011

Oyster Boats, Isle of Orèlon

Oyster Boats, Isle of Orèlon. Oil. £99. purchase details click here
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The little town of Trojan on the ile d'Oleron is well known for oyster farming and boat building both of which are still thriving. I love the old huts and the paraphanalia that you find in these places, there is a kind of random scruffyness everywhere but one is aware that it's a very organised kind of chaos. While I was walking around, various boats were being readied to go out for another harvest, engines fired up smoke billowing, the smell of deisel in the air. Some of the larger huts have been converted into little restaurants and I guess if you are a fan of oysters that would be one of the best places to eat some, personally I would prefer cod and chips!

It's just like Walberswick and Southwold Harbour in Suffolk, the same scruffyness and activity, I think I'll be spending some time here...

22 August 2011

A French Classic

Just sitting in the shade, nowhere to go anymore, seems a shame really. I would prefer it to be sitting in the shade in my garden. But perhaps thats why it's here and the owner can't bare to part with it and let it be crushed. Now at least it is shared with many people and will also sit in the archive of my website

A French Classic. Oil. SOLD
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19 August 2011

Midday on the Lake

Midday on the Lake. Oil. £99 (convert) 
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Swallows on the Wire

Just along the lane about 50 swallows were perched on the telegraph wires, waiting for what, are they migrating south already? or just gathering for a natter or a tweet!

Swallows on the Wire. Oil. £99 (convert)
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Old Citroen Ami

I just can't seem to resist being attracted to these old cars, this is one of my favourites, an Ami 8. They were very popular in the 60's and 70's and the sister car to the Citroen Dyane, one of which I was lucky enough to own.  Ami is of course French for "Friend" and was the French supermini of its day with a total of 1,840,000 made! not so many to be found now although I see them accasionally still alive and chugging.

Old Citroen Ami. Oil, £99 (convert)  
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15 August 2011

Ancient Doorway, St Saturnin

Ancient Doorway, St Saturnin, Oil, 
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This rather splendid entrance space is in Saint Saturnin near Apt, I wasn't sure whether it was the original doorway or not, it kind of looks very grand in front of such a plain building. I'd like to know it's provenance and whether it is in it's original place.

9 August 2011

8 August 2011

Lunch in Saint Saturnin

Lunch in St Saturnin. OIL, 7.5"x5.5". SOLD
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Just north of Apt in Provence lies Saint Saturnn les Apt a small pretty town on the edge of the Vaucluse Plateau. 

5 August 2011

Chemin de Grand Meynieux

Chemin de Grand Meynieux. Watercolour, 12"x9". SOLD
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So now a total of 5 watercolours this week, 2 from the south of France when I went down to the Luberon recently and three from around my village here in the Limousin more or less in central France. I really enjoyed doing them and am pleased with the results. Sometimes, more times than I would like, I struggle so much with watercolour, it's a very demanding medium, and often I'll end up tearing it up after a last minute struggle to rescue something I had already lost, so frustrating when you give so much to the work. But these all worked well and I am pleased to show them.

4 August 2011

Old Metal

One I have painted before, it ticks many boxes for me... old classic abandoned car, and jumbly rusting metal farm machinery, wierd I know, but I love it.

Old Metal. Watercolour, 12"x9" £99. Purchase details click here
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3 August 2011

Evening at The Old House

This old property faces an equally old barn in the central courtyard of Grand Meynieux, my neighbouring village, I usually walk through the courtyard when taking Jemima out in the evenings. This evening we came accross two ladies, one I knew and the other I introduced myself and the dog to. They were carrying some green foliage in a basket, I asked what it was and what were they going to do with it, there followed a long explanation which had me completely lost. The new aquaintance kept saying 'la pane' and looked at me as though I was a bit slow, which I was. I asked her to explain with her hands what la pan was, she had said LAPIN which of course means rabbit, the Lucern in the basket was for the rabbit, to fatten it up for the plate! ... I'll get there one day!

Evening at The Old House. Watercolour. £99. 12" x 9"
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2 August 2011

The Main Street in Saignon

This is the road you would walk down if you were heading for the Fountain as in yesterday's painting, you would soon come to the 'Grumpy Old Man'  just around the corner making his lavender gifts for the tourists. This 2CV seemed to be abandoned, which was why I was so interested to paint it. Probably wasn't though.. just an old workhorse as it was designed and built to be!

The main Street Saignon. Watercolour. £99. 12" x 9". 

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1 August 2011

La Place de la Fontaine, Saignon, Provence

This beautiful fountain stands outside the Hotel de Presbytere in the heart of Saignon in the Luberon. Saignon is a classic hill top village with its 12th century Romanesque church and 11th Century Benetictine Abbey nearby. Today its a mecca for tourists though but still retains its calm serene atmosphere. Along the street from this painting sits a 'Grumpy Old Man' in front of his rented house making garlands and posies with lavender. He's right at the heart of the village where people wander past towards the fountain. I was having lunch nearby and was amused to see him severely repremand a young couple who dared to take a photo of him at work, he pointed out that in order to do so one should pay him 5 Euros! I wondered what I would have had to pay if I was to sit and paint him?

La place de la Fontaine, Saignon, Provence. Watercolour. £99. 
12" x 9". Click image to see larger 


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