3 August 2011

Evening at The Old House

This old property faces an equally old barn in the central courtyard of Grand Meynieux, my neighbouring village, I usually walk through the courtyard when taking Jemima out in the evenings. This evening we came accross two ladies, one I knew and the other I introduced myself and the dog to. They were carrying some green foliage in a basket, I asked what it was and what were they going to do with it, there followed a long explanation which had me completely lost. The new aquaintance kept saying 'la pane' and looked at me as though I was a bit slow, which I was. I asked her to explain with her hands what la pan was, she had said LAPIN which of course means rabbit, the Lucern in the basket was for the rabbit, to fatten it up for the plate! ... I'll get there one day!

Evening at The Old House. Watercolour. £99. 12" x 9"
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