31 July 2014

Crabbing at Swanage. (£99)

My favourite seaside town where I spent a fun day wandering round with the easel before giving in and taking a plunge!

Crabbing at Swanage. Oil. 5 x 10 £99

30 July 2014

Field of Summer. (£99)

There are some of these in the garden at the moment!

Field of Summer. Oil. 6x8 inches. £99

28 July 2014

Shadows over the Fells. (£99

A small sheep farm nestling in amongst the Cumbrian Hills in the North of England, a fantastic place to walk and get away from the crowd!

Shadows over the Fells. Oil. £99

27 July 2014

December on the Wye. (£99) without frame

One of the mini oil paintings from last year. I find the thick darker frames really help show these mini oils off at their best.

December on the Wye. 6 x 8 inches, Oil, £99 (without frame)

23 July 2014

Dappled Light over temple Mill. (£99)

This is the lane running through Temple Mill in Sibford, it's a farm which has been in the same family since 1800, and was run as a mill until 1960. Because of the twisting lane which bisects the farm and the overhanging trees I find that on a sunny day it always provides a dramatic subject for a painting.

Dappled Light over temple Mill. Oil, 6x8 inches. £99

22 July 2014

Summer Hedgerows (£99)

There appears to be a profusion of Rosebay Willowherb scattered along the hedgerows of England this year.

Summer Hedgerow, Oil, 6 x 8 ins. £99

21 July 2014

A Field of Sunshine. (£99)

A painting from earlier this the Summer in France

A Field of Sunshine. Oil, 10 x 5 inches £99

20 July 2014

Through the ferns to Willow Herb (£99)

It's that time of year again, when we see swathes of this beautiful plant in the hedgerows, commonly called Fireweed it's one of the first plants to appear after a forest or brush fire.
To purchase please send me an email.

Through the ferns to Willow herb. Oil, 8 x 6 inches. £99

16 July 2014

Stream through the wood

I managed to find a place out of the sun in the woods to paint today but resisted the temptation to dangle my feet in the water. It's hot, and getting hotter!

A slightly larger oil painting -

Stream through the wood. Oil. £150

13 July 2014

Beach Huts at Barton, £200

The beach and huts at Barton on Sea near Bournmouth on the South coast of England, in the distance to the right is the Isle of White, this year we've been blessed with plenty of sunshine, but the sea?...its freezing! A larger watercolour 12 x 16 ins

Beach Hutsd at Barton, 12 x 16 ins

11 July 2014

Water under the bridge, Lower Slaughter, (£99)

I've held regular Summer exhibitions in the village hall here in Lower Slaughter, a beautiful and well kept village which is determined not to go the way of it's close neighbour one mile along the road.

Apologies for yesterday's spelling mistake, glad some of you are taking notice!

Water under the bridge, Lower Slaughter, Oil, 8x6 ins, £99

10 July 2014

Beside the river, Boughton on the Water (£99)

Returning to a favourite subject in the heart of the English Cotswolds...

Beside the river, Boughton on the Water, Oil, 6 x 8 ins  £99

7 July 2014

Summer Light, New Forest £120

Searching for suitable material in the New Forest I ventured up a long dusty track for about 1 mile until I couldn't go any further without 4x4 so turned about face and sat down to paint...

Summer Light, New Forest. 8 x 8 ins. Oil, £120. 

6 July 2014

The Blue Tractors. £99

Trundling through the New Forest looking for subjects to paint the other day I caught sight of this track with rusting sheds and old tractors (paradise!) I couldn't resist so reversed the car and stopped the traffic.

The Blue Tractors, Oil. 5 x 10 inches. £99

4 July 2014

Lymington Harbour. £375

I'm really enjoying the fine spell of Summer weather here at the moment and I guess places like Lymington will get very busy over the next few weeks as the season gets underway! I spent a peacfull couple of hours sitting on the edge of the harbour wall as the day's catch was unloaded.

Lymington Harbour, Watercolour, 50 x 36 cms. £375

1 July 2014

The White House, Brockenhurst, £240

Out in the New Forest again today, spent a couple of hours on a painting that ended up in two pieces! I never like to end the day that way so drove on towards Brockenhurst and sat again to paint this charming white cottage on the edge of town

The White House, Brockenhurst
Watercolour, 12 x 16 inches. £240


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