8 April 2019

Evening over the Oxford canal

Oil on board

As a young lad I used to come down to this canal with my fishing rod, and high expectations.  I do the same now - with different expectations!


5 April 2019

Moored up in Lower Heyford

Enjoyed a couple of hours painting in the garden of this lovely cafe next to the canal.  I always like the chatter with people and was very grateful for the free cuppa from the proprietor.

The end result!
Oil on board 10 x 12 inches

3 April 2019

Sunshine on the plot

This is my nearby allotments - the sun was bursting through the glass on the greenhouse but didn't last for long so I had to work really fast and finish off in the studio... A dangerous thing to do!

Oil on board.


2 April 2019

To the ford and back

As I was painting this, an old guy came past and paddled in the fast-flowing ford before marching up the hill.  I know that he lives about two miles from that spot, so a round trip of about four.  I was impressed.

Oil on board.



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