27 March 2014

The end of the day at Southwold (£99)

Along with many other artists I find Southwold harbour, and Walberwick the adjacent village the other side of the harbour, a fascinating place to paint at any time of the day. It's one of the places I really miss about the UK. It was a real challenge to paint the variations of tone and shape in this little painting but it was worth sticking it out and I'm pleased with the result.

The end of the day at Southwold. OIL, £99

25 March 2014

Late Summer Allotment (£99)

This needs no explanation, obviously from last Summer (during a less rainy day!) and one of my favourite places to paint!

Late Summer Allotments. OIL, £99

21 March 2014

Puddle Lane (£99)

We've enjoyed some gorgeous Spring-like weather over the past two weeks, but today the clouds came over and we had some rain, not a problem for me...I quite like the opportunity it provides...

Puddle Lane. OIL, £99


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