18 April 2011

Spring Sun in the Dordogne

I took a day out last week and visited an area of the Dordogne I last saw about 20 years ago, back then we stayed in a large rambling house next to a farm with views of the sunflowers across the valley, well there would have been if there hadn't been a heatwave which all but destroyed the crop. I spent a lot of time filling my sketchbook and taking endless photos (very boring for the others) and generally falling in love with it all; the country, the food, the wine, the weather, the scruffyness of the old buildings, it goes on....
Spring Sun in the Dordogne, Oil, £99. Purchase details: click here

4 April 2011

Working towards May exhibition

The small daily paintings will be even more infrequent from now until May because I'm working on larger paintings for the forthcoming exhibition which starts on May the 14th.

Petit Meynieux is surrounded by the new life Spring brings with it; Cowslips, blossom and all sorts of colourful little flowers, I don't have a clue about their names. Lots of material finally to get excited about, but I still can't find enough time to really get stuck into the garden, however Camille, my glove making neighbour, came to my aid the other day with his enormous Rotavator which had a plough attachment on the back, he set to and ploughed a large area next to the pathetic plot I had made, so now I have a 'proper' veg plot, a 'potager' as I'm in France!  It will hopefully be filled with all kinds of veg for the table later on this year.

In the meantime I'm busy painting, this is the latest, a corner of a street in Aups in Provence:


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