1 August 2011

La Place de la Fontaine, Saignon, Provence

This beautiful fountain stands outside the Hotel de Presbytere in the heart of Saignon in the Luberon. Saignon is a classic hill top village with its 12th century Romanesque church and 11th Century Benetictine Abbey nearby. Today its a mecca for tourists though but still retains its calm serene atmosphere. Along the street from this painting sits a 'Grumpy Old Man' in front of his rented house making garlands and posies with lavender. He's right at the heart of the village where people wander past towards the fountain. I was having lunch nearby and was amused to see him severely repremand a young couple who dared to take a photo of him at work, he pointed out that in order to do so one should pay him 5 Euros! I wondered what I would have had to pay if I was to sit and paint him?

La place de la Fontaine, Saignon, Provence. Watercolour. £99. 
12" x 9". Click image to see larger 

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