29 August 2011

Midday, Isle sur la Sourge

I'm all excited! I'm just back from David's, my neighbour in Bonnefond, we've been tinkering with my new Mobylette, a 1960's French Moped. I bought it a couple of weeks ago to pootle around the lanes here abouts and to get my bread in the mornings, but it wouldn't start.  We investigated and found that there was a whole load of sludge in the fuel line, so cleaned it out and it works beautifully! thanks Dave.

1960 Mobycane Mobylette

This painting is from the material I found in Provence recently and is just around the corner from the Cafe de France from a few weeks ago.
Midday, Isle Sur la Sourge, OIL. £99. (convert) 
Click image to see larger

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  1. I love your bike, I paint too and I can imagine a bike like this would be perfect for pootling around the lanes of France.


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