21 December 2014

Snow Shadows. £99

It looks like we won't be seeing snow through our windows this Christmas - if you're disappointed with that news have a look at the following emails I'll send, I'll be painting some snow with an emphasis on bold loose brushwork, and this year I am determined to move more towards abstraction.

Snow Shadows, oil, 6x8 inches £99


  1. Very nice shadows! Can't wait to see what you do with abstractions.

  2. Bold and fresh. Love this Nigel.
    More abstract? Do you think it will be natural for someone with your joy in seeing and painting the "presence" of a place. I can see you going into the more bold and spontaneous brushwork like this one, but to abstract to simple flat shapes may not hold your interest for long. It will be fun for you trying something in a new direction and great for us fans of yours, to watch.
    Merry Christmas, Nigel.

  3. Very beautiful snow painting with so amazing light and shadows !!!
    Merry Christmas, Nigel !!!


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