12 September 2011

Down by the Lake

On Saturday Hyperdog and I decided to go to the lake at Rochechouart (Roshwar) for some R&R, it was a beautiful evening so I took my paints and Jemima took her usual Joie de Vivre.
Of course as soon as she gets a wiff of water she's on a mission and down to the water we rush. Unfortunately the immediate area beside the lake on our side has been seeded and rolled as there was some work done there in the Summer. But I managed to set up behind it with a faily good vantage point and I really enjoyed myself for an hour or so, Jemima managed to get to the water and practice her swimming technique, she's not at all interested in passer's by when she's near water even if it's a good looking labrador, so I reconed she was out of harms way. After a while I can't see her, she's not in the water and nowhere near where she was, then I see her tail, pointing up and gently swaying, as I approach I can see she's in a mad digging frenzy and has dug an enormous crater right in the middle of the carefully seeded soil.  Unmissable from any distance, the newly planted soil looks like a bomb had been dropped on it. Completely covered in mud she had obviously come straight out of the water sniffed a mole and got to work. I didn't want to spoil her fun but I figured it might be time to go, so a quick swim for her and back to base.....A fun evening for us both!

Down by the Lake. Oil. £99 (convert)
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