2 September 2011

Old Wooden Doors

Bit of drama last night and this morning!  I heard, and so did the dog, something/somebody running past the house a few times last night, really wierd, wasn't sure what it was. I was woken by it at 5am today and immediately ran to the window to see what was going on, I caught site of a tail disappearing around the corner, A donkey!  On further investigation it appears it belongs to someone in the next village and wasn't one of the gorgeous ones that live over my garden hedge. Roger next door says they will come and fetch it eventually meanwhile watch out when you're driving!  No real concern then, but I bet the poor thing is scared to death, lets hope it's owner comes to rescue it soon, in the meantime its making itself some breakfast in my garden!

Todays painting: some Old Wooden Doors in a barn in Vayres, 2kms up the road.

Old Wooden Doors, Oil. £99 (convert) 
Click image to see larger

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  1. Lovely old doors - and such fun to paint, I imagine!

    Funny story about the âne, lol!


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