6 June 2012

Polperro Harbour

It's been too long since I posted on this blog, my recent exhibition finished long ago and I'm back here in france, unfortunately while I was away the garden grew...and grew! or rather the weeds grew and then there was a leak in the studio roof!  So I've been busy, honest! the garden looks like a garden again, veggies growing and standing proud and the studio is looking like a studio....phew!

The image I am posting here is a PRINT from a painting I made several years ago of the gorgeous little fishing village Polperro in Cornwall in England. I stayed in one of the cottages on the far left and took serveral photographs of the panorama of the village from the end of the quay. I later painted the scene in my studio as soon as I returned, the print is 24 x 13.5 inches and is printed on 300 gsm silk art paper.

Polperro Harbour (detail)

Polperro Harbour. Lithographic print. 24 x 13.5 inches. £25
click image to see larger

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