7 October 2014

Neighbours en France, £99 each.

These two little houses sit side by side in the old village, they provided a great subject for my painters from Oregon this Summer. Not lived in now but still cared for and there was a bumper harvest of grapes this year from the vine that spreads across them. I think they're gorgeous but too much of a renovation project for me, I'll just enjoy painting them. I've placed them together here and it would be a shame to part them! £99 each.

Neighbours en France. OIL, each painting is 6 x 8 inches. £99 each.


  1. These two paintings are gorgeous. I love the way you painted the old stones.

  2. Awesome. Very inviting. I love medieval buildings and homes and quaint towns. When will you be teaching in the USA again?

  3. Of course you already knew I would love these blue door paintings. Simply perfect!


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