27 January 2015

Clementine and Tin Pot. (£99)

Appologies for the long time away, I have finally sold my little house in France and am in the middle of readjustment and change, but desperate to get back into the 'zone' of painting regularly. This is a little still life with objects I brought back with me.

Clementine and Tin Pot. OIL, £99

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  1. Congratulations and condolences at the same time for selling your French home. While it is a difficult market and one is relieved to finally sell a vacation property like that, it is still a loss of the ties established over the time spent there. I had a home in the Dordogne which we visited each summer for years, but as our boys grew older and we found it harder to get over there, we finally let it go, and we miss all the friends and neighbors there, as well as the food and culture.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work now that you are back posting again.


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