20 January 2011

A new adventure

Four weeks now since moving from England, well just over, moved on the 15th December 2010. Studio up and running and so I'm painting daily.  Jemima the dog is loving all the new walk experiences and new Frenchy smells. Took delivery of two cubic mtrs of wood for the logburner yesterday so wonderful log fires each evening, it can stay winter for a little longer if it likes - I love natural fires!



  1. testing my blogging skills!! Holly says Hello!!

  2. As much as I like logs fires of am looking forward to sunny evenings.
    Hope you still have enough wood for my visit in Feb

  3. Hi Niggel

    Love the before and after shots - can now imagine yu sitting in the studio busy painting. Just getting the picture of walberswick we got from you a year ago - framed at last - then up on the wall somewhere. Keep up the good work!
    Aren't woodburners just great!!!

  4. Hi Naargle

    well were keeping reight nice an warm wi gas fire up eer in Yarkshoire. Carol says the picture of you sitting in the chair is a good likeness but you need to get your hair cut!
    You on skype?


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