23 January 2011

Todays painting: Path through the Conifers

It's really cold here, beautiful blue sky but cold! Decided to give the dog a treat (and me) and go for a long walk to Rochechouart. Avoiding the main road we meandered through the woodland past the conifers and found a quiet lane that followed the valley bottom. Passed through another old village little more than a farm and eventually arrived in town, bought the bagette and had a revitalising coffee in the Sports bar where the men were chatting about I have no idea what and playing lotto.  Too cold to hang around in town so headed back. In all a three hour round trip and really enjoyed it. Jemima has been crashed out in the window ever since our return... she will wake soon and want to go again, then its my turn to crash out.
Path through the Conifers. Purchase details click here

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  1. Only just found your blog and really lovely to read about your exciting new life and know the story behind the paintings....puts meaning to it all. Like the studio


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