28 January 2011

Shady Lane

DRAMA!  The dog was barking while I was working away upstairs, its 6.30 pm and almost dark. I poke my head out the window and tell her to shut it! I hear 'Bonsoir Monsieur, mon canard est coinc√©'!  A lady was the other side of my garden hedge anxiously scratching around trying to locate her lost duck. I went to help. Mr lost duck man appears, and so armed with my broom I join in the apparently hopeless task of finding a duck that doesnt want to be found in a very thick and overgrown dark hedge. But then, as I lift a bit of foliage, there it is, motionless, as though if it didnt move I wouldnt see it...Its a white duck!  I grabbed it and Mr lost duck man came to help, much flapping of wings etc and finally the lost duck is found, safe a well under his arm.  Jemima meanwhile is barking frantically in the background and appears most distressed that she couldnt help catch the duck, I let her out so that she can make sure the garden is safe and secure and all is normal and quiet again...9pm and she's still out there!

Todays painting recalls a hot sunny day last Summer in a lane near Sibford Gower.
Shady Lane, £99. Purchase details: SOLD

On guard earlier in the day!

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