16 February 2011

Poppy Lane

Poppy Lane. SOLD

Todays painting is yet another from last Summer, and a slight Monet influence again. I'm going to do more and larger for the forthcoming exhibition back home in Sibford, more details will be posted here at a later date.  

Last week was sunny almost every day, couldn't believe it, really gorgeous, and warm! (sorry) Jemima was treated to extra long and frequent walks, I notice now that she watches the weather forcasts with eager anticipation! On one particular walk we sometimes come across a lone horse, a friendly and pretty young lady who just wants to play, however Jemima can't quite get it, she's bigger and that must mean dangerous, I can understand her in a way, the other day she was brave enough to go under the fence into the field, the young 'pretty' horse was between her and the barbed wire fence! I thought she hadn't thought that through very well. Young 'pretty' horse thought funtime! and chased her around the field, Jemima was terrified and legged it under the horse and through the fence leaving a large chunk of golden fur behind on the wire! It'll take a while before the pretty young horse has this playmate in her field anytime soon...
Jemima and "Pretty ' young horse

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