2 February 2011

Wild Flower Garden

Another summery painting, I feel I'm cheating a little doing these Summer paintings, there is plenty of interesting subtle colour going on out there, but its just so COLD too! So I hope I'm forgiven for cheating a little and using old imagery. Speaking of the cold and generally being a wimp, I go to the local village and there's an elderly gent who's making his way very slowly along the road with the aid of a large stick, I've stopped to chat to him occasionally, well by chat I mean comment on the weather and say I'm going to get a bagette. He said once that his right side is paralised and he has to walk every day to try to help cure it. Today its FREEZING outside but he's there doing his walking thing, now I think that's one gritty geezer! I hope he makes it and returns to health, he's got a very large garden....!
Wild Flower Garden. SOLD

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