10 February 2011

Sunlight behind the Poplars

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Todays watercolour was inspired by Monet's 'Sunlight under the Poplars'  I had seen a similar view on a recent early morning walk with jemima and let the great mans work influence my treatment of it.

More exploring of the local villages and came across Les Soumagnes, as we drove into the hamlet we were spotted by an enormous black dog standing proud behind a wall in someone's garden, his eyes followed us as we gingerly entered his domain. We wandered through Les Soumagnes - mostly beautiful old stome barns and little allyways shaded from the sunshine, me taking photos and jemima hoovering all the tasty bits and pieces on the ground and generally enjoying all the new smells. We turned the corner and there he was, tall and strong waiting in the middle of the lane, we froze! Gingerly, little fluffy whouldn't hurt a flea Jemima made her way closer to appologise ... 'Its not my fault we're here, he made me come, please don't hurt me'  Three minutes later she had him hooked, he was transfixed, she gave him a boxing lesson and showed him the best smells to sniff in his village!  A few minutes later some villagers appeared and said his name was Enzo (Ferrari?) and were amazed at his sudden subordination...thats my gal!

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