18 July 2011

Cafe Theresa

This is a painting of my favourite cafe in my local town Rochechouart. You wouldn't know it was a cafe without the sign outside, it doesn't look much at all in fact when I first saw it I thought it was just an old building that just happened to have an old cafe sign on it, much like the old Dubonnet signs you can still see around.  Inside the front door there is an ordinary old kitchen with cooker etc and a large table with half a dozen chairs around it, and off that there are a few dark rooms I havn't seen yet. Its wonderful!  If you want a coffee a sauspan is used and a beer comes out of the fridge. It's run by Theresa who's a really switched on 90 year old lady.  I hadn't been there for a while but I went last Friday and was greeted like an old friend, I was feeling a little low but imediately my spitits lifted and i spent a couple of happy hours sitting opposite painting. A short while later I was invited to join her and her daughter for a cup of tea at the table outside, there wasnt much conversation from me needless to say, but that didn't matter they knew I couldnt speak much French but I was made to feel very comfortable. They loved the painting and I came away feeling even more like I was becoming part of this place....

Cafe Theresa. Oil. £99. Purchase details click here.
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