12 July 2011

Old Citroen Van

Old Citroen van. Oil. £99. SOLD
Click image to see large

I found this lovely old van while out cycling the lanes around where I live, the farmer was quite happy for me to sit and sketch it, it combines the sheddy and the old car thing which for some reason I quite like.   I could imagine one similar parked up outside my house!  

For those who are interested...

The Citroën H-series van was introduced in 1947, replacing the TUB model which had been in production since 1939. The success of the new design revolved around several revolutionary ideas. The vehicle was designed around the concept of le cube utile (the useful cube), and the combination of traction avant (front wheel drive) and monocoque (chassis-less) construction enabled the provision of a remarkably low floor line, something not even bettered by the modern Ford Transit.
Once ubiquitous, the numbers to be found active are now dwindling.

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