26 July 2011

In the Shade of the Apple

While taking Jemima my dog for a long walk through the fields a few weeks ago I came across a graveyard of old cars, it was a bizzare sight, most were from the forties and fifties I think, all rusty and forgotten, just rotting away in an old orchard. Was it too expensive to have them removed? Somehow I'm glad they weren't, the romantic in me had me dancing amongst them with my camera snapping away as though I was trying to take them with me and making sure they would last forever, nuts I know.... I like sheds too!

In the shade of the Apple. Oi. £99. SOLD
Click image to see larger


  1. Great find and wonderfully captured!

  2. One of my favorite subjects! You nailed it Nigel! These old vehicles look totally at peace in there resting spot.

  3. Stunning subject and brilliantly done.


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