5 July 2011

Lavender in the Luberon hills

Lavender in the Luberon Hills, Oil. £99. SOLD
Back now in the Limousin and getting sorted and unpacked and back to serious work!  The ten days camping on a farm in Provence was really good and I managed to get a lot of work done, although at times working was only possible if I got two things right; first I had to find something I wanted to paint and second, but equally as important, it had to be somewhere that Jemima and I could be in the shade for at least few hours!  

A typical day was; breakfast and a walk for Jemima, which included a wander around the campsite and 'good morning and have you anything I can scrounge to eat, cuz 'he' doesn't feed me enough'. Then off in the car to search out a suitable place to paint/shelter. Have lunch, either a picnic or something in a cafe/bar, and afterwards repeat the mornings programme, which following the latter lunch option was perhaps not as serious as it might have been. At the end of the afternoon it was fairly important to find somewhere for Jemima to cool off, fortunately there was a stream near the campsite and we usually ended up there, under the bridge where there was a small pool....

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  1. I think that this painting is one of the best that you have done recently, it just captures the colour and the light of the region, no wonder it sold immediately. Perhaps you could paint a similar scene at Snowshill..


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