4 November 2011

Autumn Sunlight Near Verinas

Autumn Sunlight Near Verinas. Oil. SOLD
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I'm really having fun getting out and painting the Autumn colour at the moment, I'm consious that we might get a few days of high wind and it'll all be gone. This is about 1 kilometer from my village and where I often go with the dog, you can see how the tree on the left is south facing and shelters the ones behind which are still green. Again I enjoyed using very thick impasto brushmarks with this, I usually work through the construction and basic elements of the painting and look forward to the moment when I can let loose with the paint knowing that I've won.


  1. An absolutely stunning depiction of autumn Nigel, bravo! I especially like the strip of lavender colour. The foremost sunlit tree is glowing superbly. I was interested in what you wrote about getting structure in and then letting loose with the paint. I'd love to see some photos on your blog of a painting throughout various stages, if possible.

  2. Thats a good idea haidee, I guess I'll have to be quite organised to do that, I tend to be a bit all over the place when I paint, paint on the ceiling and all that! it's a good idea, but I do find it difficult to talk about what I do, I just like doing it. However I'll do it! Enjoying getting your new paintings

  3. Your work is stunning! I love your brushwork as well as your color. Bravo!!

  4. Lovely light -
    Lovely painting - I paint myself and am verry jelaous.

  5. Quite a beautiful painting, Nigel! Love the brushwork and strong color.


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