14 November 2011

One Way Street

One Way Street. Oil. £99

Click here for purchase details and website. click image to see larger.

This is my nearest town, Rochechouart, a place with little streets and ruelles. I made this late in the afternoon after a day out painting, I was keen to capture the last of the light as it descended through the town, this street was still enjoying the warm afterglow. To the left is the Artisan Baker where I buy my bread in the mornings. Usually the baker can be seen atop the steps in the doorway beside the shop surveying the town as it wakes, he's been hard at work all night making the towns bread and pastries. Each time I see him I want to ask if he'd mind having his portrait painted...watch this space!

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  1. Thanks for posting the links Nigel! So much fun learning more about your nearest town where this warm and inviting work was done! Happy painting!


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