8 November 2011

Oak Leaves in a Glass

Stage one

The first stage was to rough in the basic shape of the glass 
with diluted oil paint, just anything off the palette.
Stage two

Mark in approximately where the leaves will go and at this stage 
I am aware of the composition of the whole, why did I offset the 
glass so much? maybe because the leaves are sitting in 
the left part of the glass and pointing to the right.

Stage three
Block in the background with a mix of Ultramarine 
and Burnt Sienna

Stage 4, I Begin to work on the colour and form of the leaves, 
and wondering why I had started this!

Stage 5, shapes beginning to come together, tightening up
the outline of the glass...

Oak Leaves in a Glass. Oil. £99
Click here for purchase details and website
Click image to see larger

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